New kiosk and toilet building for the Erlebniswelt in Thale

The cable car at the Thale Erlebniswelt is one of the most popular attractions in the Harz Mountains. The site offers fun and enjoyment for visitors and so also needs to provide sanitation facilities. That’s why the planned extension to the Hubertusinsel (Hubertus Island) will not only include such highlights as a climbing labyrinth and an amusement ride but also a new kiosk building and a separate WC facility for guests.

The kiosk building will in future be used to serve a variety of snacks and drinks to visitors while also providing a separate staff room where employees will be able to take breaks and a staff WC. Another vandalism-proof building is to house the WC facilities for guests. It will include a barrier-free cubicle along with a WC area for men and women. HERING Sanikonzept GmbH is handling the planning, construction and assembly work.

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