New playground - new WC facilities

The new playground in the city of Bergen has now also been equipped with a compact city toilet system from HERING Sanikonzept GmbH.

The modern sanitary facility is now available for visitors at the park's north-east entrance. Its bright green plaster facade makes it a real eye-catcher. The signal colour is intended to make it easy to find and to provide orientation. In addition, one side of the facility has been decorated with the lettering "Spielpark Danziger Straße" and the north facade with a location and orientation plan. Inside, the one-room WC system convinces with barrier-free equipment in accordance with DIN 18040 for barrier-free building. Robust stainless steel elements ensure the necessary durability. A foldable baby change unit, on the other hand, allows even the very youngest guests to benefit from the toilet facility.
To ensure that the toilet facility also scores points for cleanliness inside, the team of HERING Sanikonzept GmbH takes care of regular cleaning. Thus, the object is put into a hygienically perfect condition several times a week.


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