New roofs for the Solingen railway station

Within the scope of the “modernisation initiative (MOF)2”, the Solingen main railway station was comprehensively modernised and designed in a barrier-free way: the railway platforms are being constructed with a tactile guidance system and raised in order to ensure a step-less access to the trains. In addition, the railroad station will be equipped with a new direction system as well as new weather protective shelters and platform roofs.

Per order of the firm Balter Bau, HERING constructed two Bodenheim railway platform roofs. In the late summer 2016, the new middle platform was constructed, a 162-metre long and 10-metre wide platform roof Bodenheim Type 2 was erected. The barrier-free access to the new railway platform is served by an elevator, whose enclosure was integrated into the platform roof through a penetration of the roof skin. The second construction stage for the weather protection on the main platform was completed in November 2016.

Due to the relatively short assembly time of just three weeks for the entire completion of the 121-metre long section between 6.5- and 7.6-metre wide roof Bodenheim Type 1, the roof was assembled in a two-shift operation. For the foundation, the following pre-assembled foundations were additionally used. Since the railway platform roof is connected to the railway building, an adjustment as well as a connection to the building had to be completed. Upon conclusion of the work at the beginning of December, more than 16,000 daily travellers were able to embark and debark the train at the Solingen main railway station.

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