New trucker WC at the port of Kiel

Full speed ahead – that was also the motto for HERING Sanikonzept GmbH’s new WC facilities for truck drivers, which were installed at the port of Kiel in April 2020.

More than 750 truck drivers stop here every day during the peak season. Most of them do not only take a brief break here but spend their 72-hour rest period and even remain at the location over weekends and bank holidays. That’s why it was necessary to design the new facilities not only to handle large numbers of users but also to provide a variety of extra features and additional services at the same time. These include an outdoor shower tray, for instance, that can be used both to wash dishes and prepare food as well as a water dispenser that, for example, allows drivers to fill up their own water containers.

The facility also has lots to offer inside as it features a total of two cubicles, each with one squat toilet, one cubicle with toilet bowl and a fourth with three urinals. Some sections of the wall cladding were realised in modern glass to enhance the quality of the cabins while facilitating maintenance, i.e. cleaning, hygiene and attractiveness, at the same time.

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