Noise barriers on the Dormagen – Neuss railway line

From the planning and supply through assembly, “Systemised Construction Solutions”

Within the scope of the “Noise Abatement on the Federal Rail Tracks”, the HERING Noise Protection/Systems division supported the customer Ed. Züblin AG in the project “Noise barriers Dormagen – Neuss” during two demanding gap closures.

In October 2015 in a nightly shutdown period, a 25-metre-long steel torsion beam was delivered, assembled and installed. The beam, comprising three parts, and the 11 steel stanchions were bolted under the protection of a traffic safety measure on the road. Subsequently, the entire torsion beam was pivoted with a mobile crane onto the 6-metre-high head wall and aligned.

In another part of this noise protection project, in the same week HERING was able to implement a 26-metre-long steel torsion beam with four lateral diagonal struts. The continuous beam was split. The diagonal struts were adapted to the inclination of slope and the tree locations. A challenge for planning, production and assembly

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