Noise protection measures in Langgöns – torsion beam installed

After a more than six-month break on the track side, the Hering noise protection team was able to resume work on the completion of the LSW Langgöns on 22 July 2019 by order of DB Netz AG, Cologne.

Within the scope of the three-week closure of the main line of Langgöns, the L3133, four special structures around the railway overpass Holzheimer Straße were to be installed to complete the noise barriers. These included three steel torsion supports with a span length of between 11 and 28.5 metres and a reinforced concrete beam measuring 12 metres in length. The assembly was completed using a 200-tonne auto crane. The first milestone, the laying of the 10.5-metre-long steel tubes with a truck-mounted crane and free-riding pile driver, was successfully completed on 24 July.

Thanks to excellent work preparation, a great construction team, and well-functioning subcontractors, the work could be completed as planned.

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