Overpass at Siegen station now with lift shafts – installed with HERING's slewing railway crane!

Good things come to those who wait.

A modernisation offensive saw HERING being commissioned by Hohrenk Systemtechnik GmbH to lift the partially glazed pre-assembled elevator shafts into Central Platforms 1 and 2 right in the middle of Siegen Station using its own KRC910T slewing crane during two construction phases that were completed in April and May 2018.

The lift shafts were transferred from the trucks to the railway slewing crane in the area of Morleystraße near the ECE Center.The components were then moved by rail from the transfer point to the installation site using small carriages and road-rail excavators. DB AG switched off and moved the disruptive overhead contact line at the installation site and dismantled various items of equipment, such as a buffer stop and a weather shelter. Work was able to commence once the platform area had been closed and cleared for construction. The components first had to be unloaded and temporarily stored on the central platforms. Then the partially glazed elevator frames needed to be carefully stood up and lifted into their final position. The roofs and canopies were then lifted in to safely conclude the work to the satisfaction of all those involved.

The lifts will in future enable people with reduced mobility to access the central platforms at Siegen station without encountering barriers.

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