Partial elevation of platforms at Stockstadt station

Stockstadt am Main is located in the Lower Franconian district of Aschaffenburg. On behalf of DB Station & Service AG, HERING has successfully realised a partial elevation of the platforms at track 1 and track 2 of Stockstadt railway station.

At the start of the work in October 2018, a small-scale elevation of the platform structure was planned. To be more precise, the old platform edge (“Bahnsteigkante”) was to be renovated and the platform covering slabs installed on the renovated building. However, the condition of the platform edge and the ground conditions did not allow this. Therefore, the planning process was adapted to meet the conditions. In addition to floor replacement along the entire length of the platform, HERING also demolished the existing platform edge. The reconstruction was carried out with platform-edge foundations specially cast in exposed concrete and a concrete layer on which the slabs were installed.

In January and February 2019, after some remaining work in the form of paving work, concrete work or the installation of angle support elements, the project was completed for now. In addition, as requested by the client, a 135-metre-long fence system was installed. In April, gardening and landscaping work was also carried out in order to restore the cleared construction site equipment (BE) areas and provide natural visual and noise protection over the next few years.

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