Peace at last in Ennepetal: Noise barrier with a length of 1.3 km completed

The HERING noise abatement team brings peace to Ennepetal (southern Ruhr region) – with the help of HERING Bahnbau.

“In the November shut-down period (31 October – 20 November 2022), we completed three quarters of the 1.3 km noise barrier in Ennepetal. The challenge was to bring as much material as possible onto the track and install it in the time available.

This was possible with the support of five road-rail excavators and a material train from HERING Bahnbau, the railway construction division, on the adjacent track. The material train was loaded daily at the Hagen freight depot during the day, and then supplied three excavators with material at the same time during the shut-down period at night.

A track crane from HERING Großmaschinen, the heavy-duty machines division, was also used. It helped us with the foundation of the special structure on the Kölner Straße. This demanded considerable finesse: Piling pipes with a length of 11 m had to be installed just 6 m from the centre of the track using a pile driver ram. Unfortunately the building ground ultimately proved to be a spanner in the works and the pipes could only be driven to a depth of 2 m. Thus we did not succeed with the foundation of the special structure.

But perhaps this will be an opportunity to use our new track-foundation-laying train from HERING Grundbau for the first time? We will see...” - Construction Manager S. Baum


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