Peak performance railway construction times

Continuous holidays are often used by Deutsche Bahn to carry out major changes in the track, because fewer customers are hindered by changes due to the reduced traffic. For example, the Easter holidays have been rather secure working days or even working nights for our railway builders for some years now.

This year we had four major renovations under contract during the Easter holidays: one in Duisburg, one in Darmstadt, one in Bahnbaugruppe and the fourth construction site was completed from Sabrodt in Walkenried near Nordhausen. Work was carried out around the clock in three shifts at all four locations, starting on Maundy Thursday evening and continuing until Tuesday morning after Easter.

The picture makes it even more evident - the Bahnbaugruppe construction site is an example:
In Babenhausen our order is to renew 7 points, tracks and the subgrade protection layer. At Easter that had become four points and three more are laid on the weekends after Easter.

Four projects and three shifts around the clock! This means that almost all employees in railway construction - including the site managers - were on the road during Easter, on each of the Easter holidays.

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