Pilot project: Special toilet facilities for the Xantener Freizeitzentrum Nord- & Südsee

HERING Sanikonzept GmbH is starting a new pilot project with the contract in Xanten. Besides five public city toilet facilities by HERING as well as a “toilet for all”, the company also developed for the first time three combined toilet-changing rooms with an exterior shower and a steel roof with roof greening especially for the Roman, cathedral and Siegfried city of Xanten am Niederrhein. These are available for bathers during the bathing and diving season and are each equipped with three changing rooms and three toilet cubicles as well as an outdoor shower.

One of the most important criteria upon awarding the contract was that, among others, all facilities had to have handicapped assessible facilities as per DIN 18040. In order to also accommodate people with severe disabilities, a “toilet for all” was also contracted. It is additionally equipped with a roof filter, barrier-free shower as well as a shower and nursing bench and fulfils all requirements of “Stiftung Leben pur”. In the same building, there is also a separate toilet cubicle for the disabled that can be accessed from the outside.

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