Platform roof type Bodenheim for the Stuttgart-Feuerbach railway station

The Stuttgart-Feuerbach railway station is being converted as part of the large-scale Stuttgart 21 project.

HERING platform roof for the Stuttgart-Feuerbach railway station

HERING employees were deployed here from the end of October to 20 December 2018 to install a Bodenheim-type platform roof.

The roof, which is 77 metres long and 7.50 metres wide, was curved to adapt to the course of the track and was built on behalf of Deutsche Bahn AG, Stuttgart, as the principal, and Zürcher Bau GmbH, Meißenheim, as the general contractor. Glazed panels to admit light were integrated into the roof structure above the station’s three stairwells. A windbreak was also built using a number of transparent elements under the platform roof.

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