Platform roof type Bodenheim light at the Bad Kleinen railway station

One of HERING’s Bodenheim-light types of system roof had already been installed at the Bad Kleinen station in November 2017. A structure using the same design was realised a year later in November 2018.

Platform roof at the Bad Kleinen railway station

The roofing sections, which are each 51 metres long and approximately 9.30 metres wide, were erected on behalf of DB Station & Service AG, Berlin, as the principal, and BUG Verkehrsbau AG, Berlin, as the general contractor.

The station in Bad Kleinen was completed  in December 2018 with all the major measures being concluded to the satisfaction of all parties involved in the construction project. Among other structures, two island platforms were also built while a new pedestrian overpass with lifts was installed to provide barrier-free access to the platforms from the station forecourt. The conversion work was commenced in autumn 2016. The modern and barrier-free railway station was taken into operation on time on 9 December 2018.

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