Points and track reconstruction in Frankfurt am Main

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HERING is a welcome guest at the VGF (Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main) – most recently as part of the reconstruction of approx. 500 m of grooved track and two points. A two-week main closure break in October/November 2018 was available to carry out the work around Vogelweidstraße.

The coordination of the subcontractors - responsible for the truck-mounted crane, welding and the installation of chamber filling elements - was entirely in HERING’s hands. Special organisational skills were also required to handle the logistics by truck across the city and the neighbouring construction site of the university clinic. As the ambulances cross the track in traffic jams, it is necessary to fill the track with material up to the upper edge of the rail.

Punctually on 11 November 2018, tram operations resumed and another project in Frankfurt/Main was brought to a successful conclusion.

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