Prestige project shop & fresh in the new Glacis Galerie in New Ulm

The Glacis Galerie is the new shopping centre in Neu-Ulm. Construction began on 30 April 2013 and the opening was held on March 19th, 2015.

The shopping centre itself is huge, with 100 shops and a gross sales area of 25,000 m². The customer toilets are located on two floors with a total area of 190 m². The larger toilet area is located on the 1st floor right next to the food court. Here Hering also offers a separate disabled toilet and a baby feeding and changing room with free diapers and care products. This was only made possible because Hering found a sponsor to supply the various products. The parents are thrilled by the offer and the feedback has been very positive.

The investor invited guests to the “Grand Opening” on the evening of March 18th, 2015.

Hering passed this stress test with flying colours; well over 500 guests were convinced of their performance on this evening. Hering had agreed, on request of the investor, to allow the guests free entrance for the evening. Of course Hering was aware of the importance of a perfect performance on this evening and in the opening days.

How important the cooperation between sales, costing, technical office, construction management and the service department is, has been proved in this project once again. It begins with the planning, then the construction phase and then moves seamlessly through to the operation. Here in Neu-Ulm, all parties have proved that only a reliable and well established team can complete a project like this successfully.

It is the largest and most comprehensive project to date, that Hering will operate for the next 10 years, under the brand "shop & fresh together with sanigood".

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