protect & clean®: Comprehensive hygiene upgrade for T1 health studio

The topic of hygiene always plays a prominent role for companies in the health and fitness sector. In health and fitness studios, for example, the number of contact surfaces is very high. Handles and displays on training equipment in particular therefore require particularly intensive and comprehensive protection in order to consistently prevent the spread of germs and other pathogens.

In order to offer its customers even more safety in terms of hygiene, the T1 Health Centre has opted for an antimicrobial/antiviral coating from protect & clean® at its Burbach/Holzhausen and Geisweid sites. All relevant contact surfaces were provided with the surface coating by trained specialists. The results are convincing.

Up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses are now killed. In addition, equipping the T1 health studios with the innovative cleaning and disinfection agents from protect & clean is intended to ensure greater hygiene, well-being and safety - now and in the long term.


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