Rail platform roofing for the Lahr train station

In the Lahr train station, two platform roofs from Hering have been mounted for Zürcher Bau GmbH in Meißenheim. Lahr is situated on the western edge of the Black Forest, on the eastern side of the Rhine Valley and is also a popular location for active holidaymakers with its picturesque villages in the surroundings.

Two Hering roofs, type "Zwiesel" with lengths of 85 and 90 metres, were erected at this train station. While constructing the first roof, which had already been built in June, the construction elements were delivered by truck and the assembly was undertaken from outside with a mobile crane. Roof number two was completed in the autumn and was mounted from a blocked track with a two-way excavator.

The assembly work was performed during the nightly interruptions.

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