Research project on carbon concrete awarded the 2016 German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis)

Every year, Federal presidents award the German Future Prize to an innovative research project and this year makes it the 20th time already. Altogether three research teams were nominated for the prize and were thus included in the “Circle of the Best”, which is already a high distinction.

The competition for the 2016 German Future Prize included a three-person research team from the Dresden Technical University with their project titled “Carbon concrete: a fascinating material that is economical, gentle and beautiful”. Professors Manfred Curbach, Chokri Cherif and Peter Offermann have been researching this innovative composite made of high performance concrete and carbon fibres since the 90s, for use both in new build and in the renovation of old buildings. Carbon is considered to be the building material of the future and will progressively replace steel as a reinforcement material. The advantages are clear: carbon is light, corrosion-resistant and efficient, thus allowing for significantly slimmer precast concrete parts. This saves resources and has a cost-optimising impact on production, transport and assembly.

An important milestone was reached in 2014 when the research project “C3 – Carbon Concrete Composite” was launched by Professor Curbach. As a C3 Partner Hering Architectural Concrete contributed greatly in the transfer of the research results into building practice. Detailed information on this project is provided further in the current issue of the HAC Journal (pdf, 1 MB).


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