Restful sleep thanks to new noise barrier in Friedberg

Comprehensive noise-abatement measures have been implemented in Friedberg in Hesse on behalf of DB Netz AG, Cologne. HERING’s noise-abatement team has installed three noise barriers, including two special structures, as part of the ‘Lärmsanierung an Schienenwegen des Bundes’ (‘Noise remediation on federal railways’) project.

Good night, Friedberg!

The noise barriers along the railway line possess the following lengths: 481 metres (B 445 / Dorheimer Straße to Burgsiedlung), 484 metres (Alte Bahnhofstraße to Haagstraße) and 245 metres (Haagstraße to Haingraben). The walls were put in place using a road-rail excavator.

1.2-kilometre-long noise barrier erected

The so-called special structures are torsion beams that were lifted in by truck-mounted crane to complete the construction project. One of the torsion beams serves to close a gap for the installed retaining wall and is 56 metres long. The second beam is 31 metres long and was also lifted into place at the railway bridge near Haagstraße for the purposes of enabling the installation of wall elements here. The special structures weigh around 60 tonnes in total.

The residents living near the busy railway line in Friedberg will now definitely be able to enjoy a more restful sleep.

(Photos: Andreas Lürding) 

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