Reusable modula® temporär system platforms for Göppingen and Plochingen

The existing island platforms on the ICE line between Göppingen and Plochingen needed to be renewed. Temporary replacement platforms were required to ensure that rail travellers were able to access the trains while work was being carried out on the existing ICE platforms. Level access to the trains was also required for disabled travellers while construction was ongoing.

Photo: Bernhard Krause

An additional tactile system to help guide the visually impaired was also incorporated into the platform surfaces to enable people who have difficulty seeing to use the temporary platforms over the course of the year for which work had been planned.

Station & Service AG decided in favour of the patented further development of the modula® temporär system platform for several reasons, including the following benefits:

  • Option for raising existing platforms to altered boarding levels – one of the benefits that the design offers
  • Rapid installation and dismantling with only minor obstruction to regular operations – one of the operational benefits that the design offers
  • Tactile guidance system incorporated into the platform surface to help the visually impaired – one of the benefits for disabled users
  • Full re-usability of all system components for future projects – one of the benefits to the conservation of resources as well as sustainability
  • System approval by Station & Service AG’s headquarters – tried-and-tested system solution

The team at HERING Systeme were given the responsibility for the technical planning of the two 400-metre-long island-platform elevations and supplied all system components required for the two temporary ICE stations.

Martin Rose GmbH & Co KG was responsible for assembling and dismantling the system platforms for these construction projects on behalf of DB Netz AG in Karlsruhe as the principal.

Photo: Bernhard Krause

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