Review: Kracher des Jahres 2023

HAC recently entered its new SOLAR.con façade into the competition for the title of ‘Der Kracher des Jahres 2023 – Made in Südwestfalen’ (‘Banger of the Year 2023 – Made in South Westphalia’). A total of 50 organisations and companies that are based in South Westphalia took part in the competition by submitting video presentations of their innovative products.

The five best participants from the districts were selected after a month of public online voting and judging by a panel of experts. WESTNETZ’s fire drone secured first place for the Siegen-Wittgenstein district. We send our congratulations to WESTNETZ. But that actually means that our SOLAR.con facade unfortunately didn’t manage to take the title.  

But it’s still a banger to us and we’re proud to have developed such a pioneering product!

If you haven’t seen the video yet…  click here!

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