Sartorius Campus Göttingen grows

Some years ago, the architects Bünemann & Collegen planned the office and administration complex together with the "Sartorius Campus" parking garage in Göttingen. This has been built in recent years. A new wing was also planned for 2020: Building 18; this new construction was planned with a passageway bridge from Building 17, which was completed last year.

For this purpose, the facade of building 17 was partly removed to allow building the passage bridge. Subsequently, the white façade of building 17 was reassembled and the new building 18 was constructed with the same look.
In addition to the white prefabricated concrete elements with acidified and hydrophobic surface, the suspended ceilings were again installed with betoShell® Classic with a smooth surface. In this way, the monolithic character of the overall view is retained.
A total of more than 5,400 m² of white precast concrete elements were thus processed to form an attractive façade. The HERING Architectural Concrete team is pleased to be able to carry out this project as well.

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