Support for social projects in Peru

Hering received a visit from South America on 13 June. Verónica Rondon and Warmolt Lameris represent the Aynimundo project group, which Hering has been supporting for many years and is doing lots of good work for children in need. The two visitors from Peru presented their latest projects during their visit.

These include initiatives that are being realised at several schools in the favelas of Lima with the aim of facilitating the integration of disabled children. To this end, Aynimundo is working with teachers, with the disabled children's parents, as well as with their classmates' parents where acceptance is often initially not that great. The projects are providing disabled children with the opportunity of gaining access to education for the first time. The demand is so great that many more schools submit applications than Aynimundo is able to assist.

Another project concerns a school's entrance area. Access to this school was until recently only possible over a dusty gravel slope. Now a gate, stairs and a ramp for the disabled have been installed. Green space, which is very rare in Lima, has also been made available to the children.

Construction of the new Aynimundo premises will begin before the end of this year. There will be several group rooms for the kindergarten, therapy rooms, administration rooms and a protected playground.
Our CO2 offsets for flight kilometres are again going to be incorporated this year and we're pleased that we’re able to a make meaningful contribution in this regard.

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