Sustainable innovations for railway infrastructure

Deutsche Bahn AG and HERING team swap pioneering ideas

Representatives from Deutsche Bahn AG and our HERING team met on our premises in Burbach-Holzhausen on 20 March 2024 to take part in an exciting and forward-looking innovation workshop where new ways of collaboration and innovative solutions for rail infrastructure were presented and discussed.


One central aspect that the workshop focused on was the exploration of sustainability in relation to platforms and system roofs. Both Deutsche Bahn and HERING are strongly committed to environmentally friendly and resource-saving products. The CO2-reduced concrete that HERING has developed and the integration of photovoltaic technologies, including the potentials that organic photovoltaics present, were introduced within this context.

One of the workshop’s special highlights was the guided tour of HERING’s works where prefabricated concrete is manufactured. Those taking part were able to see the innovative production methods up close. The workshop was not only intended to generate new ideas, it was also organised for the purposes of establishing a long-term partnership based on mutual trust and shared values.

We can’t wait for the future and are looking forward to the years ahead!

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