Switch points and track renewal in Herford

The Herford project began on 13/04/2015 with the preparatory work such as switch unloading and assembly of the switch points.  On double-tracked blocked sections, two 760 switch points were alternately renewed during two weekend shutdown periods. After this, blocking tracks 3 and 4 began and with this the renewal of the 680m long track.

The loading and unloading of the old ballast and the waste materials was carried out in the storage area in the Herford rail station. The current strike by engine drivers was advantageous for us to complete switching moves into and out of the construction site. Unfortunately, the disadvantage was the ballast provisioning and the new sleepers by the purchaser in the Brackwede tariff point. We had to solve the problem spontaneously with changes in our construction schedule, so that the purchased locomotive could supply the incorporated materials from another station on their own accord.

As of 18/05/2015 we have successfully completed 4 out of 7 construction phases. A total of 18 switch points and two station tracks will be renewed.

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