‘The Modern Concrete Façade’ – kick-off event attracts many architects, planners and competitors from the region

The Fachvereinigung Deutscher Betonfertigteilbau e.V. (FDB – Registered Trade Association for Construction with Prefabricated Concrete Units in Germany) and the InformationszentrumBeton (IZB – Information Centre for Concrete) launched a new series of events – ‘The Modern Concrete Facade – sustainable, durable and multifunctional’ that took place on 17 November 2022. The venue for this first event was HERING’s premises in Burbach-Holzhausen.

More than 70 architects, planners and competitors from the region attended – a successful start to the series!

Ms Hierlein (FDB management) and Ms Hering (company manager) opened the event with a greeting and a tour of the works in and around HERING’s prefabrication plant. The detailed and impressive tour through the Hering Architectural Concrete showroom, the plant for prefabricated parts, the carpentry shop and the finished parts stores was concluded with a short coffee break.

The demands that are being made on façade elements have become increasingly varied over recent years. Other features are being increasingly requested and deemed necessary in addition to such customary aspects of quality as functionality, cost-effectiveness and aesthetics. Climate protection and resource conservation, in particular, are becoming more and more important.

The series of presentations was kicked off by host Jens Geffert (Hering Architectural Concrete). He spoke about two innovative and sustainable projects from recent months. The town hall in Korbach (recycled concrete) and the Reeperbahn suburban railway station (betoShellSiut®).
Mr Ehrenberg (ZECH Bau Holding GmbH) provided participants with details about how to properly issue invitations to tender bids as well as the production and protection of fair-faced concrete and architectural concrete. These presentations were immediately followed by Mr Wittköpper’s (nesseler bau GmbH) discussion of sandwich façades with factory-installed windows, sun shades and other installations – the all-inclusive façades on the nesseler-system office buildings. Dyckerhoff’s representative Stefan Heeß then introduced the participants to sustainable and CO2-reduced concretes for façades. Mr Motschenbacher (Ingenieurgruppe Knörnschild & Kollegen) spoke about the special aspects of work encountered in the planning of architectural concrete façades. Mr Gaigl (Laumer Bautechnik GmbH) focused on sustainable façade solutions for the field of industrial construction. Mr Zuber (Zuber Beton GmbH) concluded the presentations with his talk on ‘Concrete sandwich façades with sustainable mineral foam insulation and 100% recycled concrete in the façade for Mercedes Benz’.

The event was accompanied by a trade exhibition in the directly adjacent and spacious meeting room where all the guests were able to find out more about products from the supplier industry.

The day of informative and impressive presentations was brought to an end with a small ‘get-together’. It was a generally success and we wish the FDB and the IZB all the best for the next events in this series!


Stefan Heeß (Dyckerhoff), Jens Geffert (Hering Architectural Concrete), Christian Gaigl (Laumer Bautechnik), Laurenz Zuber (Zuber Beton), Sven Wittköpper (nesseler bau), Wolfgang Ehrenberg (ZECH Bau), Ralf Motschenbacher (Ingenieurgruppe Knörnschild & Kollegen)

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