Together we are strong – track cranes KRC810 and KRC910 in a double pack!

In October, ALBERT FISCHER GmbH renewed three railway overpasses between Cadenberge and Otterndorf on the Hamburg–Cuxhaven track for Deutsche Bahn AG. The bridges over the River Aue, the Hadelner Canal and the Medem River, which in part date back to 1874, have reached the end of their technical service lives. To keep the operational restrictions as small as possible for the railway customers, the renewals are being carried out in two construction phases.

In an interruption of barely four weeks, the bridge construction parts were renewed in the track in the direction of Cuxhaven. With the exception of the three weekends, single-track train operations were maintained during this time.

The second phase for the track from Cuxhaven to Cadenberge is planned for approximately mid-March of next year, based on the same construction sequence.

In the applied method, the bridge abutments are mostly preserved.

For the friendly team of ALBERT FISCHER GmbH, we from HERING Bahnbau were allowed to perform all the associated crane services relevant to the expansion of the old steel superstructures, the partial demolition of the upper reinforced-concrete abutment areas and the lifting of the prefabricated, new, up to 84-tonne heavy steel superstructures with an EDK KRC810 and the EDK KRC910 using the tandem method on three bridges at nearly the same time.

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