Track and point renewal in Frankfurt Süd

Just in time for the beginning of the summer holiday season in the state of Hessen, comprehensive track construction in two partial sections. The two construction stages were completed by HERING Bau within a six-week complete blockage or the S-Bahn (commuter rail) tunnel in Frankfurt am Main from 15.07 – 26.08.2016.

In the first section construction stage, five point and 507 metres of track were renewed during a three-week interruption period in the Frankfurt Süd (South) Rail Station. Since a portion of the points were located in the area of the tunnel construction, in this area an additional 1,000 m2 of undergravel mats were installed. Furthermore, across a length of 328 metres, the point in the tunnel was lowered due to changes in the gradient.

In the second construction section, which only included 22 very brief late-evening interruptions from 1:35 – 4:20 a.m., in the tunnel between the junctions Schlachthof and Offenbach-Kaiserlei as well as in the opposite direction, 6,792 metres of track were renewed with the help of mobile trestles and electric screwing machines / circular saws.

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