Track and points renovation in Münster Hauptbahnhof and Rinkerode Hauptbahnhof

The Münster construction site is divided into three parts: Rinkerode, Hiltrup and Münster Hauptbahnhof. In Rinkerode the disused track 604 with a length of around 850m was reconditioned and thus made usable for future train journeys. In order to create a smooth connection to track 604 we modified three 500 points and around 300m of track on Easter weekend.

In Hiltrip, meanwhile, one set of points was removed and a gap was closed.

The work in Münster Hauptbahnhof began on 28/03/15: HERING Gleisbau carried out - partly also on Easter weekend - the mechanical cleaning of 2000m of track and the drainage of 260m on two different tracks. Modifications were also carried out and seven sets of points were reconditioned. We transferred old and new materials to the provisioning area in Neubeckum and Münster.

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