Track and switch conversion at the Mainz main train station

In early April and May, the Burbach and Essen track construction crews were busy at the Mainz main train station. Altogether, 3 switch points were converted in April and about 800 metres of tracks were rebuilt in May. The first substructure included the conversion of the switch points, the second the rebuilding of 800 metres of tracks in 3 separate sections.

The conversion of the switch points occurred smoothly in April with the pre-assembly of 3 switch points in the storage area of the Mainz main train station during the week before the conversion itself. That way the crews were able to remove the old switch points from the start of the pause, replace fully the base and install all switch points one after the other on the neighbouring tracks using the HERING track-mounted crane.

The switch work was then completed. The conversion work carried out on the 800 metres of tracks or thereabout was completed on time by the end of the pause.  

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