Track construction and crane fleet in operation: Point reconstruction at the Würzburg main station

From 17.09.2018 up to and including 29.11.2018, track construction was carried out at the Würzburg main railway station for DB Netz AG. Five construction phases or the conversion of eleven points had to be mastered here. The station can now also shine with 400 m of renewed track.

The first four construction phases were carried out on weekends, while the fifth and at the same time most complex phase was carried out on weekdays. Points of all current sizes, whether 190 DKW or 1200 EW, have been used during the conversion. The HERING rail crane fleet was also involved and actively pushed the work forward.

Special thanks go to all those involved in the project on the part of HERING and DB Netz AG for the very good cooperation.

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