Track renewal Rheinbahn Düsseldorf, Ludenbergerstraße and Kettwiger Straße

After rebuilding the Rheinbahn switches Auf’m Hennekamp, the next projects were BV Ludenberger Straße with 162-metre track renewal of grooved rail and Rheinbahn Düsseldorf Kettwiger Strasse 152 metres of track. Both projects were completed within 2 weeks within the same time frame from Friday 9 pm to Monday 4 am.

During the Ludenberger Straße track renewal, it was necessary to replace the tamping machine with manpower on this weekend, which incidentally was in no way inferior to the results achieved with a tamping machine. The nominal position was within the millimetre range and all tolerances were maintained.

During the execution of the Kettwiger Strasse project, unexpected difficulties cropped up during the rebuild time. Here 72 metres of the 152 metres of track were in the area of a road junction. However, exactly this area was crucial to prevent any delays during the concrete curing times and asphalt cooling times so that road traffic could roll again on Monday morning.

Due to a time delay while loading the track brackets, it was not possible to tamp the tracks in time and accordingly tamping and welding was not executed as planned. Despite these delays – and with the full commitment of the road engineers – everything was ready late Sunday evening so on Monday morning the Rheinbahn and the road traffic were able to start operations on time. This demonstrated the routine of a good team!

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