Tram track renewal in Duisburg

This construction project saw the renewal of around 280 metres of tram track on Harmoniestraße / Weinhagenstraße Ruhrort in Duisburg. The entire overhead contact line, including all the masts, was renewed, which required the individual trades to finely coordinate with each other every day.

Around 560 metres of asphalt surface were milled with a groove cutter ahead of the work in order to create the cutting edge for the track extension. This required the removal of almost 300 tonnes of asphalt which a separate operator disposed of professionally using its trucks. Three articulated lorries supplied the construction site with the new tracks for the three construction phases in the confined conditions that Harmoniestraße / Weinhagenstraße presented. 

The unloading of the new track sections was also very challenging for our excavator operators as it was necessary to move the work pieces directly from the low-loader to the construction site and deposit them there. Around 150 square metres of concrete was applied once the track sections had been successfully aligned, laid and welded which was followed by the finishing of the surface with mastic asphalt over a total area of around 1,000 square metres.

The tram stop at the point where work commenced was at the same time widened to a length of 60 metres; it was necessary to install 60 metres of deep kerb stones and almost 80 square metres of paving during this phase of work. 

An exciting project with quite a few challenges!

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