Two at one fell swoop: Track and track switch new construction ICE works Cologne and storage sidings Cologne-Nippes

HERING Bahnbau has implemented a particularly thrilling project in the past two years with the construction project ICE works Cologne. Construction has been ongoing here in a joint venture with Wolff&Müller since December 2016, under the technical direction of HERING. After starting in December 2015, the work for the principal, DB Fernverkehr, is now in its final throes.

In addition to that, in the autumn of 2016, HERING was able to win for themselves the tender KNI storage sidings in Cologne-Nippes (principal: DB AG) and tackled the new construction of storage sidings with nine track switches and approx. 5000 m of tracks in close proximity to the ICE works. The great advantage: Use of all capacities at maximum flexibility. This project can also be implemented extremely successfully and even be concluded in the near future.   

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