Urban Protection Shield® – better quality of life through the reduction of noise

The demands on modern traffic planning that must take both quality of life and mobility equally into account are high because residents in urban areas are being increasingly exposed to annoying and unhealthy levels of noise.

That’s why HERING joined forces with KOHLHAUER® to develop a modular and versatile noise-abatement system: The transparent Urban Protection Shield® noise-abatement façade is used to help reduce noise levels across entire residential complexes.

It employs a steel structure consisting of the transparent noise-abatement elements, which can, for example, be installed as a suspended façade between two existing building walls. They help achieve maximum noise reduction. There are almost no limits to the system’s architectural versatility. A huge rise in the quality of life through the reduction of noise levels!

A transparent noise-abatement façade was installed in the Blue Village, a modern urban setting in Reutlingen, at the beginning of the year – see for yourself:


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