Urban Protection Shield® transparent sound-insulation façade for the modern ‘Blue Village’ urban district in Reutlingen, Germany

The urban ‘Blue Village’ district is being built in beautiful Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, by the Gesellschaft für Betreuung privater Bauherren mbH (GfB – Society for the Support of Private Building Principals), which describes the project as a ‘green oasis at the heart of an urban environment’. An excellent location, good transport links and at the same time living in nature are the ideas on which this project is based.

And this is where a sound-insulation solution by HERING / KOHLHAUER came into play: The transparent Urban Protection Shield® sound-insulation façade was installed between two new buildings at the ‘Blue Village’ on behalf of GfB.

The steel structure between the new buildings was put in place in January. An exciting and challenging task – because the structure is 15 metres high and 18.5 metres wide.

The seven 15-metre-long posts, manufactured in single sections, were installed from two work platforms with the help of a truck-mounted crane. A cross member was then anchored at the very top of both buildings to secure them. A great achievement up to that point – because huge glass elements then needed to be lifted into place, which, of course, at this height and with these loads always depended on the weather.

Everything was ready by the end of January: Glass elements that each weighed 340 kilograms, connecting folded aluminium parts (flashings) and glass-retention strips were fitted using telescopic hinged beams. A total of 260 m² was glazed within four days. Prints that are intended to protect birds in the area were applied to the large-scale elements.

Windows with Sound Insulation Class 5 are to be installed in all the units at the residential complex, which is located on a federal highway, and the Urban Protection Shield® sound-insulation solution fits harmoniously into this modern and environmentally aware complex and now ensures even more peace and quiet at the ‘Blue Village’.

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