Working in a nature reserve – track and points renewal in Cologne-Gremberg

Each building project is characterised by its own special demands and often also by challenges that need to be taken into account and mastered during the work. The protection of nature and animals was the top priority for the construction work on the track in Gremberg. The renewal of 36 points and 10 tracks for DB Netz AG therefore required special skills and a great deal of sensitivity.

The common wall lizard, for example, is one of the most protected species animal that is native to the Gremberg railway station. Every item of building material was stored on squared lumber in order to protect the habitat of the small animals. Many biotopes, including knotgrass, also required additional care during the realisation of the construction project.

Almost the entire rail-construction department was deployed to cope with the numerous night shifts and the three-shift operation for the order that was worth € 3.65 million. All track construction methods were deployed, including front-end reconstruction using MFS technology as well as, of course, conventional track-construction skills.

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