Research and development: News from HERING

German Sustainability Award 2023: HERING nominated
Photovoltaics meets concrete: SOLAR.con® façade sets new standards
The future of building with concrete – symposium in Korbach
BAU 2023: Innovative architectural concrete and new skills for sustainable construction
Initial trials of the track-foundation-laying train
Successful: Initial trials of the Foundation Construction Train | GGZ
Recycling in construction – actively implemented by HERING
Town hall in Korbach nominated for Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis (German Sustainability Award)
Urban Protection Shield® – better quality of life through the reduction of noise
Recycled concrete by HERING for the façade of the new town hall in Korbach
[Translate to English:] Innovativer Lärmschutz für den innerstädtischen Bereich
Premiere for innovative noise protection system Urban Protection Shield
All-round solution: New hygiene and service point
Reusable modula® temporär system platforms for Göppingen and Plochingen
A new product in the betoShell family: betoShellSiut
Carbon reinforced prefabricated panels for Remstal bridges
DB Netz AG: User approval granted for the low Gabione-type noise barrier
SONO STOP.® - the mobile noise protection wall from Hering
Development of a carbon concrete slab for pedestrian bridges
New EBA approval for low noise barriers by Hering
Research project on carbon concrete awarded the 2016 German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis)
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