Our company

The Hering Group is a family owned, medium sized Company and since its founding 120 years ago it has evolved into an industry specialist, providing products for areas of use by the public. These products range from architectural facades to construction and maintenance of rail/transit infrastructure.

We see that part of our responsibility to the public is to provide imagination and innovation to our products.

One benefit of being a medium sized business is that it gives us flexibility to manage the business both as an economic and as a social organisation. We are a group of about 400 people and since its inception we have seen the company as an association of individuals who contribute their creativity, time and energy to secure both their personal and our corporate future.

Staff participation has existed in our Company for over 40 years. Even in times where market conditions are not ideal the goals of corporate continuation and social responsibility are not incompatible. Social responsibility does not cease outside the Company.


Our voluntary participation in the EU Environmental Audit programme serves as an incentive to treat our staff and our environment with care. Our commitment extends to the use of recyclable materials wherever possible in our manufacturing processes through to the use of alternative energy sources for the heating of our offices.

Please find our latest environmental declaration (PDF, download approx. 4 MB).

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