Introducing the management team

The HERING Group currently employs around 560 people - all of them aware of their responsibility for their own scope of duties. The HERING management team would like to introduce itself to you in more detail on this page:

Administration and Management

The cross-divisional tasks are located in the areas of administration and management. Here you will find the contacts for the Finance & Service, Human Resources, International and Marketing departments.

Annette HERING
Corporate Management
HERING GmbH & Co. KG Verwaltungsgesellschaft
Stefan Winhauer
Management Board
HERING Management GmbH
Nicole Trettner
Human Resources
HERING GmbH & Co. KG Verwaltungsgesellschaft

HERING Bau GmbH & Co. KG Systeme

The employees at HERING Systems are competent contacts for railways and infrastructure planners working in the fields of standardisation and system solutions for transport stations, railway lines and public spaces. HERING Architectural Concrete (HAC) with special products for the architectural concrete segment represents another field where services are provided to customers.

Stefan Winhauer
Jens Geffert
Technical Office Management
Product Manager for HERING Architectural Concrete
Andrea Gieseler
Precast Plant Management
Benjamin Otto
Construction Management
Product Manager for System Roofs
Thomas Reh
Sales / Pricing / Marketing Management
Product Manager for UPS® and SONO STOP.®
Torben Traut
Preparation / Capacities Management
Product Manager for System Platforms

HERING Sanikonzept GmbH

HERING Sanikonzept GmbH pursues the goal of making public spaces more pleasant. It is a mastermind when it comes to designing sanitary hygiene for users and operators of public spaces.

Georg Huckestein
Gabriele Jentsch
Project Management
Lothar Nörtershäuser
Project Management
Andreas Otto
Michael Tschiersch
Project Handling
Frank Rudolph
Technical Consulting and Development
Burkhard Strunk
Service and Operation

HERING Bahnbau GmbH

The employees in the railway construction sector are proficient in construction processes and the execution of complex reconstructions of railway lines and traffic stations in track construction and civil engineering. A modern machine park and a large number of large machines are available to carry out these tasks. We also look after the railway systems of industrial companies and municipal railway companies.

Wolfgang Vollack
Andreas Jaeckel
Track Construction
Heike Salm
Civil Engineering
Frank Müller
Constructive Engineering
Matthias Henrichs
Heavy Machinery and Rental of Track Bound Cranes
Udo Krank

Gleisbau Sabrodt GmbH

The team of Gleisbau Sabrodt offers track construction services in the region. The focus is on special track construction for coal mining. The second mainstay is track renewal for Deutsche Bahn.

Thomas Grun
Manuela Böhle
Procurement Management

HERING Service GmbH

HERING Service GmbH operates the MY CLOUD Transit Hotel at Frankfurt Airport. Here, international travellers can comfortably bridge their stopover at the airport without leaving the transit area.

Georg Huckestein
Michelle Richmond-Kreuz
Gabriele Jentsch
Hotel Management

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