Special individual and modular solutions


Introduction of Hering

Management Team of Hering Group of Companies focuses closely on customers as well as the employees.

Corporate Management

  • Annette Hering
    Annette Hering

Business Development Management

  • Sebastian Hille
    Sebastian Hille

Hering Management Administration

Finance & Service

  • Stefan Winhauer
    Stefan Winhauer
  • Armin Pitzer
    Armin Pitzer

Hering Sanikonzept

Public Toilet Facilities - construction and operation

  • Georg Huckestein
    Georg Huckestein
  • Leitung Produktion: Andreas Otto
    Andreas Otto
  • Frank Rudolph
    Frank Rudolph
  • Burkhard Strunk
    Burkhard Strunk
  • Leitung Projektabwicklung: Michael Tschiersch
    Michael Tschiersch

Hering Systems

Transit Stops, Platforms, Platform roofs and Noise Protection, Architectural Concrete

  • Jürgen Kohlhas
    Jürgen Kohlhas
  • Leitung Hoher Lärmschutz
    Stefan Batz
  • Jörg Mielke
    Jörg Mielke
  • Friedhard Ströhmann
    Friedhard Ströhmann
  • Christoph Hantl
    Christoph Hantl
  • Bodo Beul
    Bodo Beul
  • Thomas Reh
    Thomas Reh
  • Miriam von Keutz
    Miriam von Keutz
  • Gunnar J. S. Frese
    Gunnar J. S. Frese

Hering Track Construction in Essen and Burbach

Track Construction, Heavy Machinery, Track Welding and Engineering Construction

  • Wolfgang Vollack
    Wolfgang Vollack
  • Oliver Krueger
    Oliver Krueger
  • Heike Salm
    Heike Salm
  • Wolfram Jaeger
    Wolfram Jaeger
  • Matthias Henrichs
    Matthias Henrichs

Track Construction Sabrodt

Track Construction, Track Welding and Track Engineering, Concrete Overhauling

  • Thomas Grun
    Thomas Grun
  • Manuela Boehle
    Manuela Böhle



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