Material concepts

Steel-reinforced concrete

Steel-reinforced concrete can be seen as the classic type of concrete facade engineering and is designed as load-bearing or superimposed, alternatively protruding, not load-bearing facade.

The material concept describes the composite of concrete and steel. It complements in so far as the composition combines the positive characteristics of both materials and compensates the negative ones. Steel-reinforced concrete is an intelligent construction material and was a revolution in its day. Steel-reinforced concrete elements are excellently suited as facade material, since they can be produced in formats of up to 8 x 4m and can fulfil various architectural demands due to the formability and variety of surfaces of concrete.

Textile-reinforced concrete

Textile-reinforced concrete is a cement-bound, mineral composite where 2- or 3-dimensional technical textiles made of glass or carbon fibres are used as the reinforcement material.

Due to its noncorrosiveness and the purposeful installation situation, textile-reinforced concrete - as compared to steel-reinforced concrete - can be used in a much more economical way; this particularly applies in view of resource and weight saving.

The concrete cover on both sides of 30-50mm each can be dropped, thus realising element thicknesses of only 20-40mm in total with element dimensions of up to 3,600 x 2,400mm.

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