Comparison of textile-reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete and recycled concrete

Textile-reinforced concrete

Textile-reinforced concrete is a cement-bound, mineral composite which is reinforced by two- or three-dimensional, corrosion-free technical textiles made of glass or carbon fibres.

Reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete is the classic for realising concrete façades and is usually employed either for load-bearing façades or for non-load-bearing façades that have been installed in front of buildings or that have been suspended from them. The material is made from a composite of concrete and steel. Thanks to our many years of experience, outstanding craftsmanship and our uncompromising focus on quality, there are virtually no limits to the variety of shapes and surface designs and finishes that we’re able to achieve.

Recycled concrete | RC concrete

Mineral construction waste is processed and used as an aggregate to manufacture recycled concrete, which is also known as RC concrete. The aggregate from these materials is employed as a substitute for the gravel or crushed natural stone that are normally employed in the production of concrete. HERING Architectural Concrete has developed a formula for concrete that satisfies the demands made on aesthetics and durability.