Comparison of material concepts

Textile-reinforced concrete

Textile-reinforced concrete is a cement-bonded, mineral composite material in which two- or three-dimensional, corrosion-free technical textiles made from glass or carbon fibres are used as the reinforcement material.

Steel-reinforced concrete

Steel-reinforced concrete is the classic method for realising concrete façades and is used to create either load-bearing façades or alternatively presented, non-load-bearing curtain wall façades. The material concept describes the material created by bringing concrete and steel together. The mix of materials combines the positive properties of the two and offsets negative aspects.

Recycled concrete

Recycled concrete (RC concrete) is distinguished by the fact that mineral construction waste, from the deconstruction of buildings for example, can be prepared and used as an addition for the manufacture of concrete. HAC develops a suitable mixture that fulfils all requirements regarding aesthetics and strength. The possibilities of treating surfaces are, e.g. fine washing, cleaning up or polishing the surface.