betoShellSiut® – lightweight light fibre concrete façades by HERING in cooperation with SIUT

betoShellSiut® is a combination of betoShell®FLEX40 textile-reinforced concrete and SIUT light effects. The combination of lightweight textile-reinforced concrete façades with fascinating lighting technology is almost unique and seeks its equal: luminous façades!

The technology:

The individual incorporation of specifically illuminated fibre-optic cables transforms the slender prefabricated concrete elements into glittering surfaces or luminous pictographs that permit the realisation of innovative lighting concepts for new buildings and refurbishment projects. Both architects and building principals benefit from the various design options that thin façade elements that have been combined with discreet illuminations offer in the realisation of pleasant surroundings and the aesthetic enhancement of partial or larger façade sections.

Photos: Andreas Braun

Vorschaubild YouTube Video