Recycled concrete – the future of building

It has been possible to use recycled concrete (RC concrete) for the construction of various buildings for several years now. This concrete is distinguished by the fact that mineral construction waste, from the deconstruction of buildings for example, can be prepared and used as an addition for the manufacture of concrete. The proportions of shingle or broken natural stones contained in concrete are substituted by these recycled materials. The use of RC concrete is regulated in a directive of the Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton (German Board of Steel-reinforced Concrete). This directive enables the use of both broken ole concrete and the use of broken walls and tiles. The latter enables the use of recycling material as an artistic element in architecture as it makes various colours available.   

HAC develops a suitable mixture that fulfils all requirements regarding aesthetics and strength. The possibilities of treating surfaces are, e.g. fine washing, cleaning up or polishing the surface.

The appeal of using recycled concrete in architecture lies in the reflection of the old, dismantled building in parts of the new building. The sustainable way of building of recycled concrete is thus directly visible and the technology preserves natural resources and makes an active contribution towards the protection of the environment.

(Drawing: Rathaus Korbach / heimspiel architekten)