Reference project architectural concrete
Textile reinforced concrete betoShell®Classic

I/O Building - Faculteit Educatie (FED) der Hogeschool van Arnhem und Nijmegen (HAN), Nijmegen, NL

LIAG architecten en bouwadviseurs, Den Haag, NL

LIAG Architecten en bouwadviseurs in Den Haag looked already during design planning for materials that are especially lightweight and sustainable. It selected  betoShell®Classic, our textile-reinforced curtain-type façade, in this case 20 mm thick. Because of its low weight, the betoShell® elements could not only be used in the traditional way for the approximately 3,000 m² façade, but also emerged as the ideal material for cladding the large overhanging soffits with an additional area of 500 m². Design highlights in the perspective are different colour accents: white-light green gloss with sometimes strong glitter effects.

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