Office and commercial building Universitätsstraße, Marburg, DE

Werner Projektentwicklung GmbH, Kalbach

The team at Werner Projektentwicklung was tasked with the conversion of the building in Universitätsstraße, which was originally built in 1974, and adding a storey to it. Werner Projektentwicklung commissioned HERING Architectural Concrete with the realisation of the project.

A total of 266 façade panels over an area of 1,604 square metres now adorn the extravagant commercial building in a prominent location on Universitätsstraße in Marburg. Eye-catching: The mix of white blasted and acidified façade panels in combination with the smooth grey concrete surface. This constellation creates an elegant and unusual look for the building.

The building now comprises 15,000 square metres of rental space and 9,500 square metres of commercial space, around 85 hotel rooms and around 300 parking spaces.

(Photos: Birgit Kallerhoff)