Private House, Zurich, CH

David Chipperfield Architects

An ensemble of three residential buildings, designed by David Chipperfield, DCD Architects, was built on a free site that overlooks Lake Zurich in 2019.

HERING Architectural Concrete | HAC had already been awarded the contract to manufacture and supply the reinforced concrete façade and roofing sections for this elegant and unusual project in 2017. A total of 122 prefabricated elements were manufactured from light-coloured ‘artificial stone’ (concrete colour: beige) with aggregates of marble sourced from the Erzgebirge region for the façade, balconies and ceilings to create a monolithic look for the building’s exterior. The acidified and sanded finishes possess an individual and terrazzo-like, almost textile, appearance. Eight hundred and sixty elements were manufactured in the colour of anthracite for the roofing sections. The finishes are smooth.

The constellation and architecture make the building look modern and sophisticated while emphasising its unique character.

(Photos: Simon Menges®)