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Reinforced concrete

Seminar buildings at the THM Mittelhessen, Gießen, DE

Ferdinand Heide Architekt BDA, Frankfurt

The Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM – Technical University of Central Hesse) has built three new seminar buildings at two locations in Gießen using HERING’s architectural concrete façades.

A total of 36 large-format, light-coloured façade panels covering a total area of 560 square metres was installed with the intention of creating an individual external look for the two smaller ‘E12’ and ‘E14’ buildings. Highlights were created on the buildings with glass fronts that flood the entire floors with daylight.

White blasted architectural concrete was the material chosen for the larger ‘C11’ building. A total of 218 panels was installed here over an area of 1,300 square metres.
A step into the future for the THM Gießen and a modern as well as inviting university location for Mittelhessen (Central Hesse).

(Photos: Birgit Kallerhoff)

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