Town hall façade realised with recycled concrete, Korbach, DE

ARGE agn / heimspiel architekten

The comprehensive modernisation and renovation measures for the historic town hall in Korbach in Hesse were completed in 2021. Parts of this project were realised by HERING Architectural Concrete.

The city of Korbach, which was the principal, wanted to create a building ensemble that was also sustainable and energy-efficient in addition to being open and citizen-friendly. HERING Architectural Concrete was therefore commissioned to produce a suitable façade using exposed concrete. And it was important to the town’s representatives that recycled concrete (RC) was used.

A total of 260 panels were manufactured at HERING’s prefabrication plant for this project. The panels were blast-finished. The desire was to use the red roof tiles from the demolished building as the colouring component to produce a slightly reddish tinge in the concrete. The existing material was crushed, screened, washed and processed in a crushing plant once the materials had been sorted after demolition. It was possible in the end to use more than 62% of the demolition material for the new building!

The resource-saving use of recycled concrete with its sustainable concept is another step into the future of construction. 

(Photos: ©Fotodesign Andreas Braun, Hameln)