Abrasive blasted surfaces

The abrasive blasting of architectural concrete surfaces is a very common processing technique. In the process, the top layer of fine mortar on the hardened prefabricated part is removed with the help of a special abrasive material. In this regard, large-area prefabricated parts have to be handled particularly carefully to obtain a uniform appearance.

Abrasive blasting exposes the coloured aggregates. As a result, the colour of the surface of the prefabricated part is determined by the grain used. As with this process the granulation is partly broken, the surface appears to be a little brighter.

Fine abrasive blasting only exposes the grain points. This achieves a harmonious general impression between the as a rule colourfully pigmented cement paste and the granulations adapted to this. A classic visual impression is created.

Big picture:
Façade made of white, elaborately processed pre-cast concrete parts.
Project: Kaufhaus Tyrol, Innsbruck, AT.
Photo: BetonBild. Architect: David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin, DE